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I live in Denver with my ultra-running husband, Paul, and our dogs, Marshall (a 12-year old Golden Retriever) and Orion (a 5-year old Corgi). We’re always chasing our next outdoor adventure (or squeaky toy), and we’ve got a big goal in the works for 2019.

Working toward a goal shouldn’t feel like you’re climbing up a mountain in the rain battling a headwind with a blister on your baby toe, and you just ate your last Clif bar. At least, not all the time.

I have a knack for breaking big goals into manageable steps, and I’ve found that my sweet spot for doing this includes coaching, writing, photography, and website design.


Create an outlet.

Bringing your offline adventures online gives you the chance to share your experiences with others. A website is like a well-composed virtual sandbox where you can tell your story, build a business, and connect with people who have similar interests. Like camping. Or bacon.



Big goals, tiny pixels

A photo is a glimpse into a bigger story; it’s one tiny part of an experience. With a husband who runs very long distances in beautiful places, I found myself at aid stations wanting to capture these experiences. So, I graduated myself from an iPhone to a “real” camera, a Sony a6000.



Share with others.

Since I started coaching, I’ve had a front row seat to athletes accomplishing big goals. I love being a part of their experiences, especially when I can share those experiences with others. I write about endurance sports, outdoor adventures, goal setting, and personal development.



Take your goals outside.

In 2010, I took my background in exercise physiology and sport psychology and started a coaching business in San Diego, CA. My first clients were adults who wanted to do a triathlon, but they were afraid to swim in the ocean. (I could relate except my fear showed up anytime I sat on a bike.) Today, I write training plans for trail runners and hikers preparing for their next outdoor adventure.