Carrie Jesse and Orion
Carrie Jesse and Orion

Hi, I’m Carrie

I live in Denver, Colorado with my ultra-running husband, Paul, and our Corgi, Orion. I don’t ski, but I drive a Subaru and drink craft beer so they let me stay.

Random Rundown

  • My biggest fear is riding a bike. But, I have done an Ironman.
  • If I was an animal, I’d be a sea turtle.
  • I’m a 9 on the Enneagram.
  • I drink hoppy beer. Bitter is better.
  • Marvel > DC.
  • One day I will do a handstand, unsupported. Step one, shoulder mobility.
  • I’m a WordPress user turned designer.
  • I started swimming when I was 3. I plan on keeping it up until I’m 103… ish.
  • I spend my weekdays writing website content for CrossFit gyms, martial arts schools, and fitness studios.
  • I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.
  • For many years, I coached triathletes and trail runners in San Diego. My husband was a client for 10 years.
  • Salt really is the cure for anything: the ocean, sweat, tears, and bacon. Bacon makes everything better.
  • I watch Shark Tank, Chopped, and American Ninja Warrior – creativity, food, and sports? Bring it.
  • I can’t resist rearranging furniture. It drives my husband nuts and makes the dog very nervous.
  • My favorite time to eat avocado is all the time.

Mile Markers Before Finish Lines

I set a lot of goals, and so far they’ve succeeded in pointing me in the right direction. Even so, one of my biggest challenges is shifting my focus away from an outcome to the process. To put mile markers before finish lines.


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