Carrie Jesse and Orion
Carrie Jesse and Orion

Hi, I’m Carrie

I live in Denver, Colorado with my ultra-running husband, Paul, and our Corgi, Orion. I don’t ski, but I drive a Subaru and drink craft beer so they let me stay.

Random Rundown

  • My biggest fear is riding a bike; I did an Ironman anyway.
  • If I was an animal, I’d be a sea turtle.
  • On the Enneagram, I’m a 9.
  • I started swimming when I was 3. I plan on keeping it up until I’m 103… ish.
  • Marvel > DC.
  • I drink hoppy beer. Bitter is better.
  • One day I will do a handstand. But first, shoulder mobility.
  • I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.
  • For many years, I’ve coached trail runners and triathletes.
  • I wrote 100 characters for 100 days and called it Mosaic Notes.
  • Salt really is the cure for anything: the ocean, sweat, tears, and bacon. Bacon makes everything better.
  • I love rearranging furniture. It drives my husband nuts and makes the dog very nervous.
  • A bookish badass is who I am and who I want to be.
  • My favorite time to eat avocado is all the time.